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60's 70's Garage, Rock, Blues, Soul & Country

I live in College Station TX. I collect vinyl records starting back in the early 70's. I like many genres of music. Hooked on classic retro film. I listen mostly to music from the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. See My Archive Favorites for a wealth of free music downloads. Previously all saved favorites were a simple text description until the new site makeover in 2015. 

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by Drew Evan Dobbs
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Having just recently picked up a vinyl copy of the sixth and final record with the original lineup of the band Bad Company , I knew it was time to devote a whole episode to this band I'm fond of. Enjoy an hour of my favorite cuts by members Paul Rodgers , Simon Kirke , Mick Ralphs , and Boz Burrell . Since I forgot to mention him in the show, a big shout out goes to Mel Collins , who played wind instruments on all of their records and was really the fifth member in a way.
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